Congratulations on the end of 2015. Tourist Industry, hotel and golf industry in Spain

Every year we are better educated, more professional, and that certainly enriches the panorama of the tourism industry in Spain.

I would like to thank all the followers of this blog, and even those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so, your loyalty, encouragement and words of affection for these items that I write monthly when my working life leaves a gap. Through  you all these publications go ahead and make sense.

  I wish you all a happy 2015 out of this great and exciting and productive start of 2016.

A cordial and affectionate greeting friends.


Antonio Gómez Cava.



5 reasons why sales teams do not work

We took some time in our agenda to establish a short list of the main reasons where small, medium and large corporations fail in structuring and managing their sales teams. After several seasons collecting information and testimonies of professionals for non-profit I have concluded with the following factors, reasons for the decrease in performance of sales teams.


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Organize your business plan. Fairs, Tourism and Travel Trade Shows 2015-2016

Budget proposals are approaching and with it the design of business plans and marketing in large hotel complexes, resorts and golf courses. Many will be the sales segments involved in the overall sales plan of your product. For the distribution and communication of your plan of action to be taken in the proper channels, it will be necessary to develop a plan to assist B2B trade shows in which you have direct access to potential buyers, prospects and business opportunities. 

Is this your situation? Then you have the agenda of tourism fairs and travel trade shows from 2015 to 2016 by market segment

Agenda tourism fairs & Travel Trade Shows 2015-2016

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Over € 79 million generated in business since 2012 IGTM

The International Golf Travel Market ( IGTM ) , the most important in the world for golf tourism suppliers, buyers and for the media world. It has helped generate a turnover estimated at over 79 million for the golf travel industry since 2012.

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The future of the golf industry in 2020

According to the latest HSBC offers, the golf industry is still undergoing a transition period motivated by economic and social changes that are housed in an increasingly interconnected and global world.

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