Golf tourism increases by 20%. Data and trends

Golf is a strategic tourism segment in Spain. Our coastline has autonomous communities that include this sports and family tourism sector in their action plans, with the sole purpose of deseasonalizing the “Sun and Beach” trend.

We have proof of this in communities such as Andalusia, which generates a total of 450,000 golf-loving tourists per year, with income of 700 million Euros.

80% of these clients who book their golf vacations do so through Tour Operators specialized in this segment. According to the data offered by IAGTO, golf tourism has grown by 20% compared to the previous two years, and among the destinations with the most demand, Spain continues to be the best positioned with respect to its competitors.

Although intermediation continues to be a very significant pillar in this segment, the reports offered to us by entities IAGTO, NGF, HSBC GOLF, KPMG GOLF, portray the profile and behavior of current golf vacation buyers in the world. Studying these trends will help us plan new marketing strategies, adapted marketing plans and “tailor-made” products for an increasingly important market niche.

These are the data and trends of “Golf Tourism” buyers in the world:

Ranking of the golf destinations with the greatest demand.
IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) estimates that golfers spend 120% more than other travelers.
Global golf vacation sales grew by an average of 9.3%
The length of golf holidays follows the average of between 4 to 7 nights, with an average share of 56% of total reservations.
40% of golf tourism reservations are concentrated in groups of 8 to 12 people.
46% of real estate professionals affirm that the golf product increases the value of their assets by 20%.
The percentage of tourism demand evolves with the following percentages surveyed by large operators:
Determining factors in purchasing golf trips:
The price of the tourist package
Quality of golf courses
Accessibility to them
Accommodation quality
Golf course offering
Entertainment and extra sports offer. Social and nightlife.
Golf tradition and culture in the destination.
Golf Trip Booking Channel:
21% offices and travel agencies.
39% Email – Internet
40% Telephone
Profile of the Golf Tourism consumer client:
80% repeat the same golf vacation destination.
77% give importance to their golf vacation, the variety of activities found at the resort.
57% prefer to stay in recognized Hotel Chains.
73% Organize their golf vacations with their family.
70% prefer to stay in “Golf family friendly” destinations
63% choose to organize their golf trips more as a family than the trend of 5 years ago.
Golf Vacation Booking Methods and Trends:
86% look for accommodation and golf packages online.
81% prefer to search for accommodation and golf packages online rather than calling the Resort.
79% search several destinations on the web before making their reservation.
68% say that specialized magazines inspire new golf trends and trips.
52% recognize the benefits of obtaining content and information about the golf destination on mobile devices, iPads, iPhones, etc…

A complete robotic portrait of the tastes, trends and preferences of our clients. In a tourism world with a constant increase in demand, with an increasing weight on national GDP (Gross Domestic Product), and with an increasingly developed communication industry, it is mandatory to analyze the changing trends of our consumers. , and the use of “Big data” techniques in an increasingly professional and globalized industry.