Why not sell green fees online Por qué no se venden green fees online


Let alone the question is formulated in a limitation term, but nevertheless, after seeing the amount of online portals selling green fees, and given the passage of time, we see still selling green fees through this half do not take the role it deserves in the accounts of the golf courses.

After having had contact with a large number of managers of golf courses and commercial directors, I have concluded that there is still a great reluctance to put in this great virtual storefront outlets golf courses. Why?

While we know that according to the idiosyncrasies of each club, either social, or commercial, this tool will have more or less weight in commercial actions taken, we elucidate that around half of the 40% of sales are made through intermediaries, agencies or Tour Operators.

Selling products and services online, is relatively recent. Until recently, we did not have the possibility of buying “live” and “instant”. But, why it was developed with clear ease in the hotel industry and airlines?  Perhaps because from the beginning they have adapted their lines of business and consumer needs, or even perhaps because they have had with professionals who have bet firmly by these weapons sales.

What about online golf industry?

The reality is that although still under development, there is still far to go, develop and transform, but I think, you will delve into more complex analyzes, no doubt, these are the reasons for the slow progression of this sales channel in the world of golf:

Fear of loss of income by managers in their management accounts.
Lack of training on the use of these tools by the leaders.
Structures of inadequate rates.
Lack of professionals specialized in golf online sector
Lack of professional categories 100% dedicated to online monitoring and revenue.
Shortage of qualified personnel.
Lack of user confidence in electronic means.
Failure to comply means the dreaded price oddity.
Estimates reduced development and technology.
Training strategies nonexistent online sales.

Each motif above exposed, we could give a lot to discuss, and I think it would be inappropriate to develop in this article by the length would occupy the post. I definitely think that without identifying why this mode of sale in the golf world does not develop, we will have the opportunity to generate solutions to implement them.

I hope and wish is not too time consumed in putting into practical actions that help foster a channel and a growing market.