Revenue or performance management in the golf industry

Although most of the common commercial actions in tourist complexes, resorts, golf courses, etc. tend to focus on international markets, looking for beneficial business niches for properties and companies. Today we are going to focus on the potential that local markets can offer us and in this case, as we are doing from Sotogrande, we are betting on very specific markets such as Gibraltar: Betting on the local market in the hotel and golf business

It is not the intention to show any of the commercial and marketing directors where they have to focus their efforts for the promotion and creation of campaigns that have a positive return on the income statements of their complexes, but we do want to note the benefits of the markets that we have around us, and that could undoubtedly provide us with an addition, breaking with the feared and tedious seasonality.

Gibraltar is home to a population of nearly 29,000 inhabitants in an area of less than 7 km2, with an economy based on the service sector, mainly as a financial, tourist center and free port, and a per capita income above the national average. Taking advantage of its privileged strategic position, it has an air-naval base for the British Armed Forces. Of those 29,000 inhabitants, the number of companies and societies doubles due to financial and tax status
so specific it has. This is why the large financial multinationals and the world of Gambling have established their residence in such a small territory.

In addition to this business, its naval base has cruise ships full of clients who disembark at their local businesses, hotels and entertainment venues, without leaving the border and visiting all the offerings we have in our territory.

That is where my personal commitment to this local market is focused, and that is why I am laying the foundations for promotional tools and establishments with the potential to project the services and products we offer from Sotogrande and NH Hoteles.

As an example, today we have closed a very particular and exclusive agreement with a leisure establishment of great importance for the products of our chain. Golf, playing rights to our golf courses, events at our hotels and our real estate products. “The Golf Box”, a company dedicated to attracting corporate clientele from Gibraltar and international firms, offering its facilities for the promotion of, in addition to its simulator and restaurant services, the products of its affiliated partner exclusively in Spain.

Why not bring all your clientele to our complexes? That is the idea, the potential of the Gibraltarian and British customer is very strong, with a per capita income well above the national average, and with an extreme fixation on national products.

Many times we believe that we are on “the middle street”, that people get up in the morning thinking about visiting our businesses, our golf courses and our hotels and resorts. And it is quite the opposite, when you really make contact with the businessmen and residents of this territory, which we use as an example, since it can be extrapolated to other local markets close to our business complexes, you realize that they do not know everything that can really offer our products and services.

In line with the previous paragraph, from here I leave my commitment to “local markets”, to “door-to-door” visits for local marketing and more specifically, from my position in Sotogrande and NH Hoteles, for the agreements we are making to strengthen our brand and continue marketing all our assets.