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How many times have you heard this comment in the gatherings of friends and professionals. And it is undoubtedly a categorical truth about the world of sales in tourism, hotels, golf courses, and in general, in all service and production sectors: Sell or dispatch Golf Hotel Tourism

The years of prosperity, of Spain driven by European investment, of the accelerated pace of development and easy sales, are over. How many times have you remembered those years of events, groups, and daily requests to fill your establishments. Do you remember ? . Few destinations competing with ours, our country in full development, all the incentives wanted to be organized in the European Caribbean.

Well, this is over, we stop serving the requests of our clients, “dispatching” them, to have to go out on the street to “sell”.

The tourism market for the marketing of hotels, golf courses and holiday complexes has changed abysmally. Destinations have multiplied, we have emerging countries offering quality and service at attractive prices for the middle/upper class customer and Asian and Middle East countries are investing more and more in the world of hospitality and leisure.

With this situation at an international level, the competitiveness that we have at a national level and the oversupply of products that we have, we have no choice but to “reinvent” the way we sell. It is not only enough to go out into the streets in cold door actions, take out our brochures and distribute them everywhere, agree with operators on collaboration contracts and rappelling, barter depending on productions… The market is changing, and with it the way in which that our customers observe our products. The client does not want to be bothered with aggressive marketing campaigns, which are valid, nor do they want to be harassed with telephone calls, which are valid, or with inopportune visits, which are also valid.

More and more our clients have access to information, which is transmitted globally about our product or service. We have specialized websites for sales of vacations, trips, hotels, golf courses, etc. or forums where each client’s experience is shared, reviewed with maximum rigor and detail, and our own corporate portals where we show what we offer, how we do it. We sell and at what price.

Given this situation, we ask ourselves, where are we going? If our clients have so much information about our products or services, how do we sell?
Although all the old-school actions that we have been applying to our properties continue to be fruitful and valid, we are entering the world of communications and information.

The future of the commercial is going to be in the generation of content and experiences in our work centers, where we are able to show our clients, as well as viralize everything we can offer them: experiences in resort hotels, golf courses, events in our hotels, organized conventions… So that they get information about us, compare and come to buy from us. I assure you that in this way, the client comes with the lesson well learned. Or has it not happened to you during an inspection visit? You haven’t had the feeling that there are customers who sometimes know your product as much as you do.

That will be the line, although as we mentioned previously, all commercial and marketing actions continue to be effective and necessary, the figure of the salesperson or salesperson will tend to be mutated into that of “content and communication generator” guiding from our portals and annexes, the desired clientele traffic towards a possible “site inspection”. Without a doubt, a new form of marketing.