Golf and Resorts: Increase your bottom line in 2013


In the same way that in disciplines such as online marketing, work parameters and development plans are established with a deep base dedicated to effort. In the world of operations and marketing in Hotels, Resorts and golf courses there are a number of parameters, which although they sometimes seem trivial, do have a drastic impact on our income statements.

Sometimes we try to look for solutions outside our workplaces, when we have the solution very close, inside our home.

I leave you a series of guidelines, which, without a doubt, put into practice in a complete exercise, you will see how they have a positive impact on your income statement.

Golf and Resorts: Increase your bottom line

Organize your operations team. Service is what prevails in this type of organization. If you have professional, experienced and motivated staff to offer the service expected by your clients, success is assured.
Get a professional and motivated sales team. It is the basis of the sale of your products or services. If you have a motivated sales team focused on sales, the results will not take long to arrive.
Develop an incentive policy. Your work team must be constantly motivated. You must establish a procedure for economic and social incentives that motivate your staff to execute your company’s sales policies. Your staff has to be hungry for the sale and benefits of your company, make them participate.
Share your “Income Statement”. All your staff have to feel the weight of the budget that you have assigned for the exercise in question. They must know the importance of achieving results and know how to manage resources to generate savings.
Generate communication between all your departments. Ensure information traffic between departments. Gather them, talk to them, share their concerns. These measures will generate commitment and complicity between interdepartmental sections.
Demonstrate your commitment and effort to work. If you do not set an example of perseverance in your work and do not try to perform the same daily functions, they will not see an example of improvement and journey.
Use the politics of meritocracy. It is good that you set as an example, and reward those who have remarkably developed their work. Everyone will see the reward resulting from the effort. Don’t make a mistake by punishing group leaders or colleagues with great experience and effort in your organization with unfair measures, it will demotivate all your staff.
Create a results evaluation criterion. It is about establishing rules for evaluating results so that everyone has a reference to look at. Never give privileges to someone who does not deserve it for personal reasons or commitments, in one stroke you will destroy your evaluation criteria.
Develop multidisciplinary teams. Encourage “everyone to know everything.” Customer service should not stop or stagnate for reasons of qualification or privatization of specific topics with personnel dedicated to a single task in question. Everyone must learn from the beginning of the sale to its completion.
Encourage the development of ideas for business generation among your staff. Involve them monthly to generate ideas on how to produce more, optimize sales and build customer loyalty. Don’t forget to put your name and surname on the actions that are carried out monthly thanks to your employees’ ideas. The most absurd ideas are the ones that sometimes work.

Example of companies that have carried out and continue to carry out these guidelines: APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MERCADONA. Words are unnecessary.