Hotels and golf courses, a symbiotic relationship.

Performing searches through newspaper archives and online news tools, I have not yet found a publication, nor a professional, that dedicates at least a few paragraphs to this topic.

Tourism is an activity that can substantially modify the economic structure of any country. It is one of the main generators of economic and social development, on this basis the generation of a hotel plant is focused. From there we see how in recent years the opening of new establishments in the expansion plans of hotel chains and private investors. Even so, times change, people adopt new ways of having fun, relaxing and resting, leaving behind the simple administration and sale of rooms by properties.

For all of us who have been lucky enough to live and experience the rapid development of the hotel industry in destinations such as the Costa del Sol, as well as in many others such as the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, we have been spectators of the transformation of the business through the tourist stations or tourist complexes (commonly designated by the English word resort). From this moment on, the rooms will not be the only selling point of this type of complex, but through strategies of synergies between the attractions of the destination, a new need is built for a clientele that demands a new way of living. enjoy your stays.

This is where the sports industry comes into action. Although we could cite other selling points for these complexes, focusing on this industry, it has become one of the most successful markets in the last 20 years. Proof of this is the number of golf resort complexes that have been built along our entire coastline and islands.

Why a symbiotic relationship between hotels and golf courses?

The word itself indicates it, “one cannot live without the other.” I know that many of you could tell me that this statement is somewhat risky, given the wide typology of courses that we can find in the market: private, municipal, national and commercial golf courses, but focusing on the latter with more fervor and given My experience in all of them, without a doubt these are condemned to go hand in hand towards a common goal, “adding to the bottom line.”

Originally, the construction of hotels was preceded by the construction of golf courses, based on the demand for a place to stay for clients who exclusively came to use its facilities to enjoy its benefits. Generally, this type of sports facilities are not built in urban centers or metropolitan areas close to other tourist attractions, so the hotel’s “core business” continued to be the golf consumer client.

Until very few years ago, and given the growing demand, the dynamics of the construction of this type of complexes has changed in such a way that the beginning did not start with the construction of a hotel or a golf course, but rather the properties have opted by the “golf resort” business structure. A business in which the lines of income and commercial policies revolve around the facilities of its complex as the main offer for its clientele, without leaving aside its different sources of income.

What business does golf generate in the hotel industry?

Mainly this industry generates the end of any hotel business, “room sales”, although it would be necessary to remember and list the different lines of income that this activity develops in the hotels that are built around or that are integrated within the same complex:

Sports groups: There are National and International Tour Operators that are dedicated exclusively to this type of tourists and that display golf resort products in their portfolios. This type of operator has nothing to do with the vacation operators that we all know, it is a very specific market, very coveted. For this reason, properties hire experienced commercial and operational profiles specialized in this segment for the operation of their facilities.
Meetings and conventions: Hundreds of event companies choose this type of complex given the demand of their clients to include them in their programs. Incentive companies seek to accommodate their clients in places with an activity program that is different from the conventional one. It’s as easy as checking the CRM, you will surely be pleasantly surprised.
Professional corporations: Although in many of them their code of ethics prohibits them from organizing their annual meetings in 5-star complexes, others have the opportunity to organize conventions in complexes that make a difference and that make their clients feel unique experiences in a business and entertainment environment. cluster.
Business coaching: The development of these practices is increas