Golf as a reason to generate room nights

Could golf be the driving force and reason why you generate room nights?

For some it may generate controversy, but I think the most sensible thing would be to analyze the reasons why complexes are built to accommodate clients. Let’s get to the point, and defining it is as easy as looking for the needs of our consumers. Why is the accommodation created? . Well, it all depends, as we know, needs are created for various reasons:

Need demanded by users. Our clientele demands services that do not yet exist and that force properties to generate them for the common benefit. Example. Capital of a country without a hotel plant. Tourists and visitors demand the construction of this type of services to satisfy their need to spend the night there.
Need created by markets. Properties generate, in places where there is no service traffic or demand, experiences that generate a need to consume on the part of their users or prospects. Example. Construction of resorts in paradisiacal places with hardly any customer traffic.

The natural progression of the demand for accommodation on golf courses has developed with the popularity of large golf resorts and renowned brands given the increasingly nomadic profile of the golf customer. Once legends have been built about renowned golf courses around the world, the demand to visit them has generated growing interest in their properties, as well as in investment companies, in creating hotel plants and resorts that complement the sports offer to accommodation.

The questions are easy to answer by extrapolating the issue to the “sun and beach” motif. What do tourists from Spain or the Costa del Sol come looking for? A specific hotel, a resort, or the destination itself. What was before the hotel, resort plant? or destiny itself.

What reasons motivate golf tourists to travel?

Golf course quality
Tour package price
Hotel quality
Number of golf courses in the area
Entertainment and leisure
golf tradition

Golf tourist spending

Golf tourists spend around €150-€180 and spend stays between 5 and 9 days, distributing their expenses in the following percentages:

21% Travel
20% Hotels
18% Gastronomy
26% Golf
15% other sectors

Positive aspects and contributors of the golf segment in the production accounts of hotel complexes:

It is a deseasonalizing element. Especially in the winter season in destinations clinging to good weather.
A complementary offer is born for the hospitality industry.
Attracts a specific clientele market.

Why golf as a reason to generate “room nights”?

Golf is a sport that is rooted in a lifestyle enjoyed by clients with notable financial stability. The golfer looks for places that offer status and challenging golf courses where the need to enjoy the sporting experience converges, as well as the need to spend the night and enjoy the hotel services mentioned above. If the total number of rooms sold annually in a golf resort with between 100-150 rooms is 32,000, and a golf course with these characteristics in 38,000 rounds, we could say that directly the reason for the sale of these rooms moves in a 46% for the golf segment. All this, of course without disregarding the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events), F&B segments and the strength of the complex due to its location.

This brief article therefore serves to propose systems of alliances between those hotels and tourist complexes that see their income and occupancy reduced due to the terrible problem of seasonality. What reasons do you have for marketing your hotel establishment? What offer external to your facilities drives visitor traffic in your geographic area? Do you focus only on the vacation tour operation and online sales portals? If you have complexes and golf courses within a 20 km radius, what are you waiting for to carry out joint actions?