Fam trips, keys to selling your products in hotels, golf courses and resorts

I’m sure many of you have wondered what this term is about, especially for laymen and beginners in the world of marketing.
Sometimes, to be honest, expressions are used that can raise doubts about the purpose for which it is intended. I still remember the first time I heard it, searching for the etymological origin and consulting professional manuals I was able to decipher it, but the truth is that it seemed very peculiar to me.

Well, let’s get to the point with an easy and common language. Fam trips are
trips or visits that are organized for companies or potential clients in order to show them, in situ, the product or services that we are marketing. As a good friend told me a long time ago, “paellas cannot be sold in brochures” so that people buy them, we will have to try them, right? After all, this is the essence of this type of commercial action, showing your products, your facilities, your services, making them try them, feeling the experience…

Have you ever wondered why you have chosen between one product or another? I leave the answer to you.

Fam Trips can be organized for three types of segments:

Potential clients: Once you have well defined the clientele you are going to target, your potential buyers, you focus your campaign and use it to make them try the product that you have been showing for some time. You always have a 50% guaranteed purchase in the medium term and 80% in the long term. We have to keep in mind that those who accept your invitation are ultimately showing potential interest.
Press: It is done when you need to promote the launch of a new product and you go to media professionals (traditional press, digital press and the world of social media) to spread the benefits of it. Without a doubt the best advertising campaign you can carry out, and for free.
Intermediaries and agencies: Let’s also call them influence assets. They are organized when, having located the brokers in your market, you need their power of influence in it so that they disseminate your products and services among their clients. There are times when these brokers have so many products to choose from that they do not focus on any one in particular and do not intervene in the market trend, unless you have subjective reasons to do so.

Having the segments to which we have to dedicate our familiarization trip, we need to know what the keys are to its success:

Identify the segment of the public to which you need to show your product. There is no point in inviting just to invite, much less filling the bulk of the group. In general, these groups are usually organized between 10 and 20 people with the potential to purchase your product or service.
Look for the profiles with the most influence in the market. If we are going to invite a client, let’s do it to those who really have decision-making power, we know it is difficult sometimes, but at the end of the day that is the end.
Prepare in detail the program of activities to be carried out. The image is extremely important in this type of actions, and the program has to be studied and pampered based on the selected profiles.
Choose the perfect host. We do not all have the same aptitudes or attitudes, a matter of human condition. For this reason, we have to designate the person who will guide our possible and potential clients. A pleasant, empathetic person, skilled in language and with a conciliatory nature.
Don’t give tedious presentations. It is not about selling, selling and selling, forget that slogan, making presentations or sending messages with purchase proposals. Focus on their fun and the contact that your potential customers have with your product, they will be in charge of communicating the rest.
Inform all your staff about the reason and the organization of it. If those who have to serve your potential clients are not aware of it, we are off to a bad start. As a rule, the service must always be the same for your entire audience, but it never hurts to remember why this group comes to visit us.
Use relaxed language, don’t just talk about business. In line with point number four, as I usually say, let’s take off the sales mask, have fun with your clients and treat them face to face. They will only value that you treat them as faithful “friends”
No more suits. Get rid of jackets! It’s not that crazy either, but let’s get the message. Sport and casual etiquette code, let’s eliminate the charges for email signatures and business cards from our minds. You will make them feel at home.
Offer a souvenir of your brand, they will associate it with the experience. I would even dare to propose making a specific souvenir piece for the event you are organizing. The experience they lived will remain latent.
Follow up on the activity. Now we return to the suit and the office. Let’s keep track of the