You create your events or wait for them to knock on the door


Although the title of the post may seem unusual to you, the reality is that it is a disease that continues to spread through many tourist establishments, hotels and golf courses.

I understand the situation and the comments of many professional colleagues in the sector, who in these boom years have seen hundreds of event proposals from organizing companies. How easy isn’t it? They request an event, you quote, coordinate and execute the service. But, someone is wondering how much it costs to organize that event, and what if there are fewer and fewer event organizing companies, should we just sit and wait? Well, it seems that there are many who follow this position, waiting for a call or a request to arrive via email.

Of course, in cycles of low activity or of “little joy” in the request for events by companies specialized in organizing them, what are we waiting for before the complexes themselves launch themselves into developing them? Or is it that, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have to wait for them to appear in our email inbox.

Organizing an event is still an attraction to attract clientele, and consequently generate income in your establishment. Can’t think of anything to create sales claims? I am sure that you all have the tools to organize them, if you like I will leave you some examples by department about the ideas that could be carried out:

A&B Restaurant Department: The ideal situation is to live on the actual street, or have a hotel or golf course full of customers, where your role is to provide “service.” Otherwise, we’ll have to find a way to attract all those customers.


Organize wine tasting workshops.
Tapas workshops
cooking workshops
Use direct sales representatives to use your establishment as a meeting point.
Contact speakers for the use of your restaurant
Cross-sell with the rest of the apartments in your complex.

With respect to this specific department I always tend to comment on that, specifically with those located in hotels or golf courses. They are the only ones who, when they open their doors, have a list of customers who will or will pass through the doors of your restaurant or bar. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Room department in a hotel or golf course: Every middle-class hotel has meeting rooms or areas set up for them, as do the areas adjacent to the clubhouse of a golf course. If, as developed along the lines of this post, we have few requests for events, why not create them?


Networking events
Business meetings for companies.
Formation programs
Gaming competitions
Sample exhibitions
Painting or sculpture exhibitions.
Dance competitions.

All these ideas, of course, we have to contact professionals who are dedicated to carrying out this type of activities, but who, without a doubt, need a space where they can do it and where they can gather their audience. Difficult? Nobody said it would be easy, but this is the situation and we have to know how to take advantage of our resources.

SPA or Gym Department: I think this department has fewer problems, due to the nature of the activities that give meaning to its existence. No one can imagine a gym without classes, much less without the activities that we have all seen in some promotional brochure. However, we can take actions that help increase the number of clients.


Offer your classes to hotel guests and encourage them with exclusive guest promotions
Your teacher or monitor is the seller. Encourage him to interact with customers in the lobby, lobby, or clubhouse.
Organize sample tours or open days.

The very nature of this department means that they have to carry out this type of activities to generate the desired traffic, but as we have mentioned, there are still ideas to materialize.

My intention is in no way to “lead” these suggestions, and I will surely leave out other departments and actions that could be carried out. The reason is much simpler, and from my humble opinion and experience, to share these ideas with all of you, and if possible, awaken the spirit of many professionals in this sector to organize their own events. Do you have any suggestion?