Congratulations on the end of 2015. Tourist Industry, hotel and golf industry in Spain

Every year we are better educated, more professional, and that certainly enriches the panorama of the tourism industry in Spain.

I would like to thank all the followers of this blog, and even those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so, your loyalty, encouragement and words of affection for these items that I write monthly when my working life leaves a gap. Through  you all these publications go ahead and make sense.

  I wish you all a happy 2015 out of this great and exciting and productive start of 2016.

A cordial and affectionate greeting friends.


Antonio Gómez Cava.



A survey reveals the “main factors” that motivate buying golf vacations is a cordial and affectionate greeting

Golf Vacation Insider, which is the main source of independent travel references on the Golf Internet, recently conducted an online survey of its 350,000 active subscribers to learn more about how travel decisions are made and what factors are important to them in deciding where to go.

The following selected findings from the survey provides information on the process of decision making for the 350,000 golf travelers who they have in their databases:The number one factor in deciding where to go is the value (defined in the survey as the intersection of price and quality), listed by 58% as the most important deciding factor.

Of them 22% vote for play courses of the highest quality. Curiously, only 5% of respondents consider “climate factor” or “accessible areas” as most important when deciding where to go. 


These results confirm what we suspected:

  • Our Travelers look beyond the factor “price”, and carefully consider what they’re getting for the amount paid. It is therefore one of the debates that is open, where we wonder if current travel options provide real value and whether it is worth our potential customers to spend their time and money.
  • The survey also helped to define the 350,000 subscribers, the public profile of golf travel buyers with high and active socio-economic levels. The results of the survey suggest that the report has a golf client collective buying power that revolves around 6 billion dollars. Specifically, the survey reveals the following data: 65% had family incomes of between $100,000 – $500,000.
  • 81% enjoy two or more golf trips per year.
  • 82% of average expenditure revolves around the $ 500-5,000 per person for each trip. 


The survey, which was taken through the website SurveyGizmo and completed by 2697 email subscribers of Golf Vacation Insider, with no incentive to encourage the participation of its subscribers. Therefore, the results have generated a statistical confidence level of above 95% with a margin of error of less than 5% .After the maelstrom of deals that we live with in recent years, in which “anything goes” it has been the “framework law” by some brokers and operators, always seeking the lowest price when buying golf vacations, we wonder if it ends the era of the “Golf Deal”?


Organize your business plan. Fairs, Tourism and Travel Trade Shows 2015-2016

Budget proposals are approaching and with it the design of business plans and marketing in large hotel complexes, resorts and golf courses. Many will be the sales segments involved in the overall sales plan of your product. For the distribution and communication of your plan of action to be taken in the proper channels, it will be necessary to develop a plan to assist B2B trade shows in which you have direct access to potential buyers, prospects and business opportunities. 

Is this your situation? Then you have the agenda of tourism fairs and travel trade shows from 2015 to 2016 by market segment

Agenda tourism fairs & Travel Trade Shows 2015-2016

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Over € 79 million generated in business since 2012 IGTM

The International Golf Travel Market ( IGTM ) , the most important in the world for golf tourism suppliers, buyers and for the media world. It has helped generate a turnover estimated at over 79 million for the golf travel industry since 2012.

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The future of the golf industry in 2020

According to the latest HSBC offers, the golf industry is still undergoing a transition period motivated by economic and social changes that are housed in an increasingly interconnected and global world.

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