12 Tips to generate sales in times of crisis. Golf | Hotels | Resorts

It is obvious that there is no magic formula that helps us generate sales in our establishments in these times of global crisis, but nevertheless, there are tools and guidelines that by following them we will have advanced a good part of the work.

Below I leave you a series of simple guidelines that will help you generate more visibility in the market and, consequently, more sales:

Off-line actions:

Analyze your intermediary account and use “Pareto’s Law” (20% of your client account generates 80% of your general income statement)
Establishes a scale of net prices and commissions based on the total production accumulated by agent or operator. “Commitment” is a value that is being lost, we must reward agents who commit to a production line signed in a contract.
Establish a scale of “added values” based on how far in advance reservations are made at your establishment. If you sell everything, there will come a time when you will have nothing more to offer.
Add a “rebate” clause for production in intermediation contracts. It will increase the motivation to sell your product and reduce the reduction in the average price.
Build loyalty with the clientele that generates stable production. It is more important to maintain the lines of income than to saturate your account with new prospects.
Agree on linear and advance production policies. Many contractual negotiations tend to focus on “price.” Using sales guarantees we can ensure the best rate, having in advance the total amount of what was agreed.

Online actions:

Open your business to the online market. There are numerous TPW’S (Third Party Websites) portals that help distribute your product in these sales channels. The tendency of our clients is to buy through these portals.
Position yourself in search engines: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organic optimization strategy or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), paid optimization strategy. Most of your clients are going to look for you on the web.
Control the stock of products for sale online. We have to set a sensible and price-sensitive sales policy for our products. Our products are perishable.
Manage comments on specialized websites. The final decision to purchase can be based 60% on the comments that our product receives from customers online.
Use social networks as a communication element. It is undoubtedly the best promotional channel for your establishment, as it is direct, simple and immediate advertising. Depending on the percentage of engagement we have, we will increase the tendency to purchase our product or service.
Adapt your communication campaigns to mobile portals. The future revolves around this type of devices. If we focus 10% of our current online actions on mobile terminals, we will position ourselves with an advantage over our competition.

Each complex, company, service and product requires a specific analysis, and a detailed market study, however, these lines of action will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and establish the action protocol for the next generation of technological natives.