The importance of women in Golf Tourism

Why are women important in golf tourism?

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you, and inviting to my professional blog my friend Miklós Breitner, Digital Marketing Strategist of the Hungarian telecommunications company UPC and golf business blogger of the Golf Business Monitor portal, who enlightens us about the importance of the female sex. in the golf and hospitality sector.

In 2009, speaking with my business partners from various industries, I began to realize the exponential change that the female sex has as the main influencing factor in many market niches and businesses (Tourism, Health, Automotive Industry).

No es una sorpresa saber que las mujeres aportan el It is not a surprise to know that women contribute 44% of family income in dual-income couples in the United States. They are also gaining senior management positions, for example, Ginni Rometty – President and CEO of IBM, Marissa Meyer – CEO of Yahoo, etc.). American women account for $5 trillion in economic spending. An incredible source of business.

Citi recognized this when it launched a women’s LinkedIn group, the Professional Women’s Network, in April 2012. In many cases, the female segment has been neglected as a source of income in many industries as well as in golf.

Although the golf business has been dominated by male participation, (Download the report Connecting with Her) we should not neglect women who practice this sport. They account for 19.3% of all golfers. In the United States alone, 38 million potential women are open to golf. HSBC in its latest report (download the HSBC 2012 The_Future_of_Golf report) talked about the phenomenon of increasingly unisex golf, with women entering the game. In the Netherlands, golf is the fastest growing sport among women. Golf is the third most popular sport among women and girls in the Netherlands.

The European average is 24.6% and in three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, one in three players is a woman (in Britain it is only 14.5%). In Germany alone (Germany has only 719 golf courses), the proportion of female golfers is 35% (= 660,000).

Golf course owners and equipment manufacturers in this industry should start considering this niche market and think about how to take advantage of this golden opportunity. For example, think about how golfers can feel comfortable and welcome in your golf shop (change the proportion of products for women, show exclusive products for women, etc.), or how they could interact better in the clubhouse, etc.

How is this change affecting golf tourism?

In 2012, the global golf tourism industry grew by 9.3% (vs. 2011), according to IAGTO. In 2012, golf tourism sales exceeded $1.5 billion. 38% of golf tour operators still rely solely on golf holidays and 62% on business trips among others (for example weddings, leisure in general). Currently, women account for about 50% of business travelers. I can already feel and see business opportunities. Let’s stop here for a moment, do we know how they make decisions or what kind of approach, treatment they prefer?

Here are some of the challenges that hotels and tour operators face when they have a business traveler who is a golf player:

What techniques do you use to make them feel respected?
How to make them feel welcome?
How to make them feel comfortable in the hotel and what program to offer them?
Offer a “getaway” (for example, after a busy day of conferences or business meetings)?
Perform actions and events that allow them to develop personal relationships?

Since we are talking about business travel, it is also worth thinking about a time-saving solution. They will probably come to an unknown hotel and the city would do well to invite golfers to the local course that best suits them.

Probably if we saw the price they paid for the room, we would realize the economic level and potential income that this specific profile can generate.