Keys to developing your commercial action plan and communication 2.0

Do you want to have an effective 2.0 commercial and communication plan? What are the keys to developing a simple, effective and profitable business plan? In a few lines, we explain how to make it.

It is always difficult for us to get started, it is true, many times we resort to previous plans to base the actions carried out in past years, but without a doubt we can make a serious mistake if we dedicate ourselves to doing the same thing.

These are simple and practical steps where we can take references to develop your particular pattern:

1. Sectors where the commercial communication plan focuses: What sector does your plan focus on? Golf course, vacation hotel or real estate assets and developments.

2. Assess the current state of your 2.0 communication: What is the state of the online profiles?

Corporate website
Corporate blog
Social networks: Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn
Online presence in search engines

3. Why communication 2.0?

Generate leads
Increase in traffic.
Improve sales.
Cultivate partnerships and business relationships.
Greater exposure.
Improve your score with search engines.
Improve market understanding
Loyal followers are produced.
Reduction of marketing expenses.

According to the report carried out by Multichannel Merchant in 2012, we find the following issues to take into account:

The website itself does not generate traffic
The website is an online brochure without interactivity
60% of companies use social networks to find potential customers.
76.9% use social networks and blogs to monitor what their customers say about their brand.
Companies have increased the use of social networks to position their brand and products from 84.2% to 94.6%
54% of the purchasing trend is influenced through social networks. Ernst & Young Report 2011

According to the report carried out by Ernst & Young 2011$FILE/Redes_Sociales.pdf, an increase of 42% in clients using the network has been demonstrated.

How to do it?

Communicate from within the corporation.
Educate departments to provide information on the company’s products and promotions.
Daily control and updating of social networks on the core business of your products: real estate, golf and lifestyle.
Generate weekly news on the society’s blog.
Creation of new contact and communication networks.


Increase sales of the company’s products
Achieve notoriety in the online market
Loyalty of our clientele
Increase interest in purchasing promotions
Attention to potential clients
Develop the brand in the 2.0 market

Obviously, these keys are patterns to follow and develop according to the project and product you have on which to develop your business and communication plan. Do you want to increase your notoriety? Go ahead and plan your strategy.