How golf enhances commercial relationships and business.

How golf enhances commercial relationships and business.

For years we have been listening to managers talk about their golf games among clients and friends with the same work profile. We have read a multitude of articles that inform us of the benefits of practicing this sport on a health and social level. We ask ourselves, does golf help commercial relationships and business?

Still living in an extremely connected world. Today we do not lack means to be informed. We communicate through SMS messages, emails, news tracking on social networks, blogs, corporate websites. We are in immediate contact with our friends, clients and colleagues. Are relationships really fostered through these media? We are not going to be blunt, neither in one sense nor in the other. We just have to know how to assess what each tool is intended for and know when and to what extent we should use it.

Something different happens with golf, you can introduce yourself to someone on the 1st tee, play 18 holes with them and after the game know that you have been playing with one of the most important executives of the company that you have always longed to have in mind. your client portfolio. Even Donald Trump himself refers to the benefits of this sport, and how by playing he achieved part of its fortune, without having to win any tournament.

Although at a generic level and without going into the different formats and strategies, he left you some tips to use the potential of this sport as a generator of commercial and business relationships:

Organize competitions for companies:

It is undoubtedly the best way to concentrate your entire best client base in a relaxed place and outside of work protocol. The courses should encourage these techniques, “everyone” benefits, the invited clients as well as the organizers. These types of techniques are “win to win” weapons.

Create open golf days:

It is the greatest attraction to open the doors of your business, both for the Club and for the companies that organize it. It generates networking and is the best showcase to create commercial and business relationships.

Promote your golf school for juniors:

Behind the juniors are the parents; generating business opportunities through activities for juniors at the golf school is a very productive technique. We never know who may be behind the kids we have in our academy.

Combine networking, business and golf days:

Don’t just use the field as a court to practice this sport. Combine it with business days, it will undoubtedly be the best incentive to attract clientele that generates leads and contacts for future business projects.

Play with professionals, PRO-AM:

Playing with the professional is the goal of all fans, without a doubt it is to fight with him, learn from his technique, listen to his advice, and most importantly take advantage of the icon that many managers have of these sports stars. With this technique everyone wins. The Professional because he exposes himself to possible sponsors, the businessman because he enjoys the day with his idol, and the club and organizer of the event because it generates synergies between both actors and promotes the image of the activity they have organized.

This sport is being used by many companies and brands as a sales and business weapon with their portfolio of clients and prospects. There are more commercial and marketing techniques that can be carried out through the golf industry. You just have to put yourself in the hands of professionals to organize your business-generating event. You haven’t started them yet? What are you waiting for?