Golf rounds grow in 2014

Foto: NGF

According to the latest study just published by the sports research company “Sports Marketing Surveys”, it has announced an increase in the number of rounds of golf played in 2014 compared to the previous two years.
Not everything is going to be bad news for the golf industry, which is true, we have suffered with a resounding decrease in licenses in our national territory. On the other hand, from the United Kingdom they report a notable increase in rounds of golf on their courses compared to the two years prior to last year 2014. With temperatures above the average for the fourth quarter, and without major sporting events, the number of rounds of golf played in the final (three) months of 2014 have been 4.5% versus the same period in 2013, giving rise to an interannual growth of 3.5%.


According to SMS (Sports Marketing Survey), the fourth quarter began the same as the previous one ended, with all British regions in positive numbers, with the exception of Scotland. This drop was corrected in November, when the same region boasted a considerable increase in overall statistics, as did all other regions in England and Wales. At the end of the third quarter, the amount of golf played in the UK showed encouraging progression on 2013 figures.
This positive growth continued in the fourth quarter and resulted in a result much higher than the two years prior to 2014, increasing compared to 2013 (3.5%) and compared to 2012 (1.4%), respectively. Richard Payne, Senior Sports Account Manager at SMS INC., commented: “After announcing the very positive results achieved in the third quarter (5.3% versus Q3 2013), we knew that unless the weather slowed “There is very positive news for the UK golf industry. Hopefully this trend will give golf a strong boost to start the 2015 season.” Why is this round progression in the UK so positive?

The United Kingdom continues to be one of the main sending countries for golfers to the entire world.
Spain continues to be one of the preferred destinations for a golf holiday in Europe.
The exchange rate of the pound sterling against the euro encourages greater purchase of golf trips by the British market.
The golf business at a national level continues to be linked to the tourism industry with preferred locations such as Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Dorada, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.
The British communities residing in our country are motivated to generate more consumption in our sports facilities.

Let’s be sensible, although our country has a notable volume of golf licenses, with a large decrease in 2014-2015, if we segment the total licenses by communities, nationality and actual residence of each of the federated members, we could obtain the following conclusions:

We do not have enough fans to nourish the golf offer along our entire coastline.
We continue to depend on the international market.
We continue to be a reference tourist destination, so our results will depend on the macroeconomic situation of sending countries such as the United Kingdom.

I am not in favor of ringing bells at the slightest hint of recovery, however, we do have to be attentive to this remarkable news that comes to us from an increasingly globalized world and industry.
My advice: “keep working.”