How to use social networks to promote your hotel and golf resort

Every day we realize the importance of the interaction that our hotel complexes and golf resorts must have on the networks. As we have commented in previous posts, the path to executing a sale is changing, generating structures in companies that are increasingly adapted to the new market situation and the environment in which our clients interact.

Without a doubt, the presentation that I leave you below is a brief summary, reasons and why our companies have to be increasingly involved in the management of their social profiles on the web. From my experience, I can tell you that we have generated very important leads for resorts with production results of €100,000 per account.

The way we use social networks in our company, “Hunting” in which the account administrator’s mission is to attract large accounts and clients via social networks, which are subsequently followed up via email. or telephone, or “Broadcasting”, in which the primary action is the communication of content and services, complex events with a purely informative policy, will be a reason for success and productivity in our income statement.

I share with you the presentation of the friends of the Innovatlas community, very graphic and of great help for those tourist complexes that have not yet given enough importance to the management of their social profiles.

[slideshare id=15608156&w=597&h=486&sc=no]

How to use social networks to promote my company from Antonio Cozar