About friendships and business in the hotel and golf industry

How many times have you heard how important contacts are in the business world, right? Well, this detail is not left out of the hotel industry, as well as the golf industry.

Nowadays it seems that just having a list of customer contacts, a database of tourism operators or similar, is enough to get started in this complex world of marketing hotels, resorts and golf courses.

Man does not live on contacts alone, and not only a contact is a business card, or an email address, or a telephone number. Behind a contact there is always a person, who depending on the relationship we manage to forge will know how to transform it from that first contact to a relationship of work friendship, or why not, personal.

How is the value of a commercial profile measured? It is not measured by the database you have, which is also true, or by the qualities and training, which is also true. There is a very important detail, and that only good recruiters are able to detect, the friendly relationships they have in the world of work. Why friendship relationships? Because only the quality of empathy is capable of generating something that is extremely necessary to achieve successful situations: “Trust.”

Without generating friendly relationships, we would not be able to generate trust in our actions, our business proposals, our products, our services. Why do we make purchasing decisions based on the person who presents the product to us? Basically because of the quality of trust.

We live it day by day, we go to the brands and consume their products for the amount of this quality that we have from them. Why do you think then that your customers buy your products or services? There are two options:

Your product or service is very good
Your contacts, your clients, have enough trust in you to consume the product or service you offer.

As a result of these characteristics, the Anglicisms that you have often heard today arise. “Junior” or “senior” profiles, a quality that demarcates the difference between that profile with experience and the other with even more experience, if possible.

I suppose you will wonder why I wanted to develop this topic today, as I am sure that many of you will be well informed about this type of techniques and qualities. But nevertheless, sometimes, I realize that we are moving so fast in this communication and information revolution in which we live, that we leave aside something as important as friendly relationships in our network of contacts.

I hope that for many of you, these brief lines make you reflect on our attitudes towards our clients and contacts, and the importance of the network of professional friendships of each of us who dedicate ourselves to this exciting world of hospitality.