7 Reasons why you should continue betting on Vacation and Golf Tourism on the Costa del Sol.

The data on Holiday and Golf Tourism on the Costa del Sol, which includes the strip between the bordering areas of Nerja and the Cadiz urbanization of Sotogrande, is increasingly illuminating. Until the entities and administrations decide to join forces to develop new lines of income and an alternative industry for our autonomous community and in extension for our nation, the reports of the Andalusian Tourism boards and companies have shared this very important data to continue betting in an industry that increasingly generates more income for the entire regional and national economy.

Taking into account data as significant as the fact that Malaga Airport has increased its flights by 13.7%, generating 25 new routes, 13 of which are with Germany, or that the Costa del Sol accounts for 40% of the weight of the tourism industry. In the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, as a summary we can cite, from an objective point of view, the 7 reasons why to continue betting on Vacation and Golf Tourism on the Costa del Sol: Vacation Tourism on the Costa del Sol Sun:

325 days of sun a year and more than 160 kilometers of beaches.
Between June and September, 5.2 million tourists arrived on the Costa del Sol, 6% more.
Its economic impact reaches 4,475 million euros, 21% more.
The highest number of hotel overnight stays in history has been achieved: 6.6 million (more than in 2008)
National tourists have returned to the path of growth: 22,352 more in hotels.
The travel budget has increased from 755 euros in 2012 to 860 euros last summer.
The Costa del Sol is consolidated as the third coastal area with the most travelers in Spain.

Golf Tourism on the Costa del Sol:

Pioneer destination in the promotion of Golf in Spain and the first continental destination with 73 golf courses on the so-called Costa del Golf (Nerja to Sotogrande).
Almost 50% of European tourists choose the Costa del Sol when they arrive in Spain.
The average expense is €203/day.
The average stay is valued at 9.79 days.
They travel as a couple (60.1%) and stay in 4 and 5 star hotels.
Note to destination: Remarkably high, 8.17 out of 10.
90% of the tourists surveyed recommend the Costa del Sol to play Golf.

We could continue sharing data, such as those related to the percentage of passengers who choose Malaga Airport when they choose Andalusia as a destination (65.6%), or how 22% of the national total of golf courses is represented by Andalusian courses, and That 22%, 49% are located on the Costa del Sol. The data collected in the reports of the entities in charge of promoting Tourism are very relevant and conclusive to continue supporting an industry with a promising future. And what do you think?