10 reasons to play golf

Have you ever wondered why many managers, clients and friends start playing golf?

Below I leave you 10 reasons why this sport is one of the most practiced on this planet.

10 reasons to play golf

1. – Promotes Competitiveness

Anyone who enjoys the thrill of competition should play golf. A golfer is in a constant state of competition with the course itself. If additional participations are sought, as occurs in golf tournaments, the combination is perfect.

2. – Exercise is performed

The average length of a golf course is about 6,000 meters or almost 4.5 Kilometers. For a player willing to walk the field, there is enormous potential for a good workout. The buggy or golf cart driver will also benefit from intermittent walks between cart rides, carrying the weight of his golf equipment and maintaining muscle flexibility when making the shot or swing.

3. – Increases longevity.

In 2003, it was estimated that a greater number of golfers over the age of 50 accounted for 28 percent of golf players in the United States. Physically, golf is not excessively demanding. The accessibility of buggies has decreased the physical demand. Golf carts also speed up play, minimizing disparities in capacity, skill, and distance of holes and tees. Anyone can start this sport at a young age and enjoy it for the rest of their life.

4. – You are in contact with nature

On a beautiful day, a golf course can seem like the perfect setting. Immaculate fairways, constructed water hazards and well-trimmed trees, contrasting green against brown mountains, lakes and even the ocean make a golf course a wonderful place to enjoy more nature. If we combine this with a pleasant breeze and a little sun, it is the best way to spend half a day outdoors.

5. – Living with the family

The appeal of golf can span the age range of all members of a family. A young golfer may enjoy the challenge of getting in touch with the ball for the first time, learning a new sport, or the pleasure of spending the day with an adult family member. For an adult, golf can be a great opportunity to isolate your family from distractions and focus on spending time together in the context of a fun game.

6. – Ideal place to go on vacation

The tranquility and serenity of a golf course is an ideal place to relax after a daily schedule. A golf tournament can be a wonderful activity in your vacation planning or a vacation in itself. The tranquility of the surroundings combines the freedom of walking in the countryside with relaxation when hitting the ball. The golf swing is a great recipe for stress relief

7. – Promote friendship

Golf is the perfect place to make new friendships and strengthen existing ones. When a player joins a friend for 18 holes, they are guaranteed three or four hours of time with them. If he shows up on the course alone, a golfer has the potential to meet someone new, share a tee time, and create a new friendship.

8. – It is a constant challenge

There’s always a new course to play, better score to beat or new terrain to negotiate. Even at a local or family golf course, a player can experiment with different positions and strategies for each hole each time he goes out to play a round.

9. – Increases concentration

Many of life’s situations require concentration, but few of them teach how to improve this skill. The game of golf requires the development of strategies for a round and for each today. In this framework, a golfer must concentrate on hitting each shot with extreme intensity, as if he were the only one who was going to hit throughout the entire course.

10.- It is an ideal tool for doing business.

A round of golf can replace a business meeting, a boardroom conference, or even a cover letter and resume.

Did you like these tips? If you think there are more reasons for this sport, I would be happy if you shared it to continue promoting, not only this practice, but an industry that generates a lot of employment in the tourism industry.